Memorial de Sainte Helene Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena Two Vols in One
A Documentary History of American Industrial Society Vol 7 Labor Movement
An Outlaws Diary Revolution
Selections from the Spectator Tatler Guardian and Freeholder Vol 3 of 3 With a Preliminary Essay
The New Century Fourth Reader Selected and Adapted from the Worlds Standard Literature
Sketches of the Early Catholic Missions of Kentucky From Their Commencement in 1787 to the Jubilee of 1826-7
The Scotch Preacher or a Collection of Sermons Vol 3
Doctor Syntax His Three Tours in Search of the Picturesque of Consolation of a Wife
Free Mans Companion A New and Original Work Consisting of Numerous Moral Political and Philosophical Views Examples and Explanations Tending to Illustrate the General Cause of Truth Justice Virtue Liberty and Human Improvement
An Historical Account of the Ten Tribes Settled Beyond the River Sambatyon in the East With Many Other Curious Matters Relating to the State of the Israelites in Various Parts of the World Etc
The Play of Animals
The Cambridge Platonists Being Selections from the Writings of Benjamin Whichcote John Smith and Nathanael Culverwel with Introduction
Tales of the Alhambra
The Theory and Practice of Brewing
Conic Sections Treated Geometrically
The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy
A History of Philosophy
The Sea Gypsies of Malaya An Account of the Nomadic Mawken People of the Mergui Archipelago with a Description of Their Ways of Living Customs Habits Boats Occupations Etc Etc Etc
Handbook of Social Economy Or the Workers A B s
From Incarnation to Re-Incarnation
Electric Welding A Comprehensive Treatise on the Practice of the Various Resistance and Arc Welding Processes Covering Descriptions of the Machines and Apparatus Used and the Applications Both in Manufacturing and Repair Work
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to Himself An English Translation with Introductory Study on Stoicism and the Last of the Stoics
Scarabs An Introduction to the Study of Egyptian Seals and Signet Rings
The Lathe Its Uses Or Instruction in the Art of Turning Wood and Metal Including a Description of the Most Modern Appliances for the Ornamentation of Plane and Curved Surfaces
Li Hung-Chang
The Rambler in North America Vol 2
Flora Historica Vol 2 of 2 Or the Three Seasons of the British Parterre Historically and Botanically Treated With Observations on Planting to Secure a Regular Succession of Flowers from the Commencement of Spring to the End of Autumn
Life of Sir Roderick I Murchison Vol 1 of 2 Based on His Journals and Letters With Notices of His Scientific Contemporaries and a Sketch of the Rise and Growth of Paliozoic Geology in Britain
The History of Poland From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Military Services and Public Life of Major-General John Sullivan of the American Revolutionary Army
My First Summer in the Sierra
The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons from the Restoration to the Present Time Containing the Most Remarkable Motions Speeches Vol X of 14 Volume 10
Winthrops Journal Vol 1 history of New England 1630-1649
A Woman at Bay Una Donna
Reden Des Buddha Aus Dem angittara-Nik257ya Die Aus Dem P257li Zum Ersten Male ibersetzt Und Erliutert
Plastic Surgery of the Face Based on Selected Cases of War Injuries of the Face Including Burns With Original Illustrations
Correspondence Between Schiller and Goethe Vol 1 From 1794 to 1805
The Sikh Religion Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors Vol 2 of 6
Java Ho! The Adventures of Four Boys Amid Fire Storm and Shipwreck
A Complete Collection of English Proverbs Also the Most Celebrated Proverbs of the Scotch Italian French Spanish and Other Languages
Bunyan Characters Lectures Delivered in St Georges Free Church Edinburgh
Christian Socialism 1848-1854
Brigham Young and His Mormon Empire
Correspondence of Schiller with Korner Vol 2 of 3 Comprising Sketches and Anecdotes of Goethe the Schlegels Wieland and Other Contemporaries with Biographical Sketches and Notes
The Dialogues of Saint Gregory Surnamed the Great Pope of Rome and the First of That Name Divided Into Four Books Wherein He Entreateth of the Lives and Miracles of the Saints in Italy and of the Eternity of Mens Souls
A Study in Scarlet And the Sign of the Four
The American Standard of Perfection Illustrated A Complete Description of All Recognized Varieties of Fowls
A Tramp Abroad Vol 2 of 2
Greek Philosophy Thales to Plato
Epilepsy and Other Chronic Convulsive Diseases Their Causes Symptoms and Treatment
The Corner-Stone of Philippine Independence A Narrative of Seven Years
The Bagpipers
Idea de Una Nueva Historia General de la America Septentrional Fundada Sobre Material Copioso de Figuras Symbolos Caractires y Geroglificos Cantares y Manuscritos de Autores Indios Ultimamente Descubiertos
The New Topical Text Book A Scripture Text Book for the Use of Ministers Teachers and All Christian Workers
Good Wives Being a Sequel to little Women
Don Coronado Through Kansas 1541 Then Known as Quivira A Story of the Kansas Osage and Pawnee Indians
History of Delaware 1609-1888 Vol 1 of 2
iber Die Religion Reden an Die Gebildeten Unter Ihren Verichtern
Mathematics Self-Taught Vol 1 The Libsen Method for Self-Instruction and Use in the Problems of Practical Life Arithmetic and Algebra
Modern Cookery in All Its Branches Embracing a Series of Plain and Simple Instructions to Private Families and Others for the Careful and Judicious Preparation of Every Variety of Food as Drawn from Practical Observation and Experience
Pike and Perch
The Haunted Hotel A Mystery of Modern Venice To Which Is Added My Ladys Money
Annals of Westmeath Ancient and Modern
The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle Vol 1 of 4
The Anatomy of Secret Sins Presumptuous Sins Sins in Dominion and Uprightness Wherein Divers Weighty Cases Are Resolved in Relation to All Those Particulars Delivered in Divers Sermons Preached at Mildreds in Bread-Street London on Psalm 19 12 13
The Silver Sunbeam A Practical and Theoretical Text-Book on Sun Drawing and Photographic Printing Comprehending All the Wet and Dry Processes at Present Known with Collodion Albumen Gelatin Wax Resin and Silver
The Trail of the Conestoga
Euclids Elements of Geometry from the Latin Translation of Commandine To Which Is Added a Treatise of the Nature and Arithmetick of Logarithms Likewise Another of the Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry
Die Relativititstheorie Vol 1 Das Relativititsprinzip Der Lorentztransformation
The Expedition of Pedro de Ursua and Lope de Aguirre in Search of El Dorado and Omagua in 1560-1
A History of Coggeshall in Essex With an Account of Its Church Abbey Manors Ancient Houses Etc and Biographical Sketches of Its Most Distinguished Men and Ancient Families
The History of Redding Connecticut From Its First Settlement to the Present Time with Notes on the Adams Banks Barlow Bartlett Bartram Bates Beach Benedict Betts Burr Burritt Chatfield Couch Darling Fairchild Foster Gold Gorham Gray
The Rakes Progress
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Durham University Earlier Foundations and Present Colleges
Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery With Special Reference to the Management of the Sterile Condition
Floreat Etona Anecdotes and Memories of Eton College
The Origins of Art A Psychological and Sociological Inquiry
Joseph Thomson African Explorer a Biography
The End of the House of Alard
The Mysteries of Udolpho A Romance
Rangers and Pioneers of Texas With a Concise Account of the Early Settlements Hardships Massacres Battles and Wars by Which Texas Was Rescued from the Rule of the Savage and Consecrated to the Empire of Civilization
Logan a Family History Vol 1 of 2
Life of Joseph Green Cogswell as Sketched in His Letters
The Pathway of Life Vol 1
Genealogy of the Geer Family in America From 1635 to 1914
Kind in Brauch Und Sitte Der Vilker Das Anthropologische Studien
An Ignorant in India
A Higher English Grammar
Psychologie de liducation
Selling Life Insurance
Old Falmouth The Story of the Town from the Days of the Killigrews to the Earliest Part of the 19th Century
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Year 1771
The British History Translated Into English from the Latin of Jeffrey of Monmouth with a Large Preface Concerning the Authority of the History by Aaron Thompson
The Parliamentary Register Or History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons of 45 Volume 25
The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon Baron of Verulam Methodized and Made English from the Originals in Three Volumes Vol II by Peter Shaw MD the Second Edition of 3 Volume 2
An Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe by Samuel Puffendorf Made Euglish [sic] from the Original High-Dutch the Eighth Edition Corrected and Improved with an Appendix
The Parliamentary Register Or History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons of 45 Volume 19
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Year 1773
An Abridgement of the Excise-Laws and of the Custom-Laws Therewith Connected Now in Force in Great Britain Methodically Arranged with Notes and Observations by Henry Mackay Supervisor of Excise
The North Briton Continued by Several Hands Vol II Part I of 2 Volume 2
A System of Moral Philosophy by the Late Reverend and Learned Mr Henry Grove Published from the Authors Manuscript with His Latest Improvements and Corrections by Thomas Amory in Two Volumes [the Third Edition] of 2 Volume 2
The Whole Works of the Rev Mr John Flavel to Which Is Added an Alphabetical Table in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 4
The Elements of Commerce Politics and Finances in Three Treatises on Those Important Subjects by Thomas Mortimer of 5 Volume 5
The History of England from the Revolution to the Death of George the Second (Designed as a Continuation of Mr Humes History) in Five Volumes a New Edition with the Authors Last Corrections and Improvements of 5 Volume 2
The Parliamentary Register Or History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons of 45 Volume 21
The Military Guide for Young Officers Containing a System of the Art of War by Thomas Simes the Third Edition with the Addition of the Regulations of HRH the Late Duke of Cumberland
A Paraphrase and Comment Upon the Epistles and Gospels Appointed to Be Used in the Church of England on All Sundays and Holy-Days by George Stanhope the Second Edition Corrected of 4 Volume 4
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641 of 3 Volume 1
A Digest of the Laws of England by the Right Honourable Sir John Comyns the Fourth Edition Considerably Enlarged and Continued Down to the Present Time by Stewart Kyd in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 6
The Works of Mr William Shakespear In Six Volumes Adornd with Cuts Revisd and Corrected with an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author by N Rowe Esq of 6 Volume 3
The True Briton
The Parliamentary Register Or History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons of 45 Volume 38
Medical Cautions Chiefly for the Consideration of Invalids Containing Essays on Fashionable Diseases the Second Edition to Which Are Now Added Appendix I Appendix II by James Makittrick Adair
In Which Is Laid Down Such a General Idea of the Same as Is Confirmed by Practice in Two Volumes the Sixth Edition Corrected by Daniel Turner of 2 Volume 2
Articles of Charge of High Crimes and Misdemeanors Against Warren Hastings Presented to the House of Commons Upon the Twenty-Sixth and Twenty-Eighth Days of April 1786 by Edmund Burke
The Plays of William Shakespeare Volume the Second Containing as You Like It Loves Labours Lost the Winters Tale Twelfth Night Or What You Will the Merry Wives of Windsor of 8 Volume 2
Collection Complette Des Oeuvres de M de Cribillon Le Fils of 7 Volume 5
Collection Complette Des Oeuvres de M de Cribillon Le Fils of 7 Volume 4
The Holy Bible Adapted to the Use of Schools and Private Families by Richard Wynne
A Paraphrase and Comment Upon the Epistles and Gospels Appointed to Be Used in the Church of England on All Sundays and Holy-Days by George Stanhope the Second Edition Corrected of 4 Volume 2
The English Review of Literature Science Discoveries Inventions and Practical Controversies and Contests of 28 Volume 28
The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy of 7 Volume 6
Cases in Midwifery With References and Remarks by William Perfect Second Edition Corrected and Improved of 2 Volume 2
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641 of 3 Volume 2
An Experimental History of the Materia Medica or of the Natural and Artificial Substances Made Use of in Medicine by William Lewis
A General Representation of Reveald Religion In Which the Chief Prejudices That Have Been Entertaind Against It Are Examind And the Practical End Proposd by It Recommended and Rescued from Unfaithful Evasions by Tho Rymer
Commentaries on the Laws of England by Sir William Blackstone the Eleventh Edition with the Last Corrections of the Author Additions by Richard Burn and Continued to the Present Time by John Williams Esq of 4 Volume 2
Plutarchs Lives Translated from the Greek by Several Hands in Five Volumes to Which Is Prefixt the Life of Plutarch of 5 Volume 3
Elements of the Theory and Practice of Physic and Surgery by John Aitken in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
In Which Is Laid Down Such a General Idea of the Same as Is Confirmed by Practice in Two Volumes the Sixth Edition Corrected by Daniel Turner of 2 Volume 1
The Roman History from the Settlement of the Empire by Augustus Cisar to the Removal of the Imperial Seat by Constantine the Great Vol II the Fourth Edition Corrected by Laurence Echard of 2 Volume 2
Precedents in Chancery Being a Collection of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the High Court of Chancery From the Year 1689 to 1722
Marci Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum Ad Familiares of 2 Volume 2
A Collection of All the Statutes Now in Force Relating to the Duties Upon Salt with So Much of the Laws of Excise as Are Particularly Referrd to In or Have Relation To the Said Statutes
The Post Family
Tires and Vulcanizing A Comprehensive and Practical Manual of Rubber Tires Tire Repairing and Vulcanizing Including All Necessary Information and Instructions on Rubber Compounds Cotton and Repair Materials The Construction of Pneumatic Tires Togeth
Ghost Land Vol 2 Or Researches Into the Mysteries of Occultism Illustrated in a Series of Autobiographical Sketches
The Republic of Plato An Ideal Commonwealth
The Distribution of Wealth
Italian Villas and Their Gardens
The Story of Inyo
Mahavamsa the Great Chronicle of Ceylon
On the Art of the Theatre
Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences
John Brown
The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences
Lessons in Elocution or a Selection of Pieces in Prose and Verse for the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking To Which Are Prefixed Elements of Gesture Illustrated by Plates and Rules for Expressing with Propriety the Various Passions of the
The New Republic Founded on the Natural and Inalienable Rights of Man and Containing the Outlines of Such a Government as the Patriot Fathers Contemplated and Formulated in the Declaration of Independence When Struggling for Liberty
Machine Tools and Their Operation Vol 1 Lathes Drills and Drilling Hand and Automatic Screw Machines Screw Machine Tools and Boring
The Mystic Way A Psychological Study in Christian Origins
English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians Comprising 122 Songs and Ballads and 323 Tunes
Keting Methods Vol 5
The French Monarchy (1483-1789) Vol 1
Occult Phenomena in the Light of Theology
The Mating and Breeding of Poultry
Art of Coppersmithing A Practical Treatise on Working Sheet Copper Into All Forms
Norwegian Grammar and Reader With Notes and Vocabulary
The Empress Frederick Writes to Sophie Her Daughter Crown Princess and Later Queen of the Hellenes Letters 1889-1901
A Mediaeval Princess Being a True Record of the Changing Fortunes Which Brought Divers Titles to Jacqueline Countess of Holland Together with an Account of Her Conflict with Philip Duke of Burgundy (1401-1436)
Genealogical Records of Thomas Burnham the Emigrant Who Was Among the Early Settlers at Hartford Connecticut U S America and His Descendants
A Musical Grammar in Four Parts I Notation II Melody III Harmony IV Rhythm
A Quaker Girl of Nantucket
Creative Experience
Miphistophila Roman Contemporain
Queen Lucia
The Books in My Life
The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened Newly Edited with Introduction Notes and Glossary
A Discourse on Method Meditations on the First Philosophy Principles of Philosophy
The Mercy of Allah
History of the Early Settlement and Indian Wars of Western Virginia Embracing an Account of the Various Expeditions in the West Previous to 1795
yellow Kid Weil The Autobiography of Americas Master Swindler
City Block
My little Bit
Mimorial de Sainte Hiline Vol 2 Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena
Forty-Seven Identifications of the Anglo-Saxons with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Founded Upon Five Hundred Scripture Proofs
Les Misirables Abridged and Edited with Introduction and Notes
The Last Journals of David Livingstone Vol 1 of 2 In Central Africa from 1865 to His Death
Runaway Home
Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut Including Robert Parke of New London Edward Parks of Guilford and Others Also a List of Parke Park Parks Etc Who Fought in the Revolutionary War
Mes Illusions Et Nos Souffrances Pendant Le Siige de Paris
Francisco Palous Life and Apostolic Labors of the Venerable Father Junipero Serra Founder of the Franciscan Missions of California
Wessel Gansfort Vol 2 of 2 Life and Writings
Hermagoras Oder Elemente Der Rhetorik
Washington County Wisconsin Vol 1 Past and Present
What Shall We Do To-Night or Social Amusements for Evening Parties Furnishing Complete and Varied Programmes for Twenty-Six Entertainments
History of Florida From Its Discovery by Ponce de Leon in 1512 to the Close of the Florida War in 1842
The Construction of Mill Dams Comprising Also the Building of Race and Reservoir Embankments and Head Gates the Measurement of Streams Gauging of Water Supply c
The Old Kingdom of Elmet York and the Ainsty District A Descriptive Sketch of the History Antiquities Legendary Lore Picturesque Feature and Rare Architecture
Tibet The Country and Its Inhabitants
Volcanoes Their Structure and Significance
Volume No 1 of Palmer Records Proceedings or Memorial Volume of the First Palmer Family Re-Union Held at Stonington Conn August 10 and 11 1881 the Ancestral Home of Walter Palmer the Pilgrim of 1629 Being Also a Part of the Genealogical Biogra
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
The Ewing Genealogy with Cognate Branches A Survey of the Ewings and Their Kin in America
Manuel de Conversation Pour Le Voyageur En Quatre Langues (Franiais Allemand Anglais Italien) Avec Un Vocabularie Un Choix de Questions Etc
A Yachtsmans Scrap Book Or the Ups and Downs of Yacht Racing
Sommario Della Storia Di Voghera Dalle Sue Origini Fino Al 1814 Con Cenni Biografici Intorno AI Vogheresi Che Si Resero Chiari Nelle Scienze Nelle Arti Nelle Lettere Ecc Fino AI Giorni Nostri
European Background of American History Vol 1 1300-1600
The Wade Genealogy Being Some Account of the Origin of the Name and of the Lost Folk-Story of the Famous Hero Wada Particulars and Pedigrees of Famous English-Men of the Name and Genealogies of the Families of Wade of Massachusetts and New Jersey to
Noticias Secretas de Amirica (Siglo XVIII)
Master and Man And Other Parables and Tales
Ambroise Pare and His Times 1510-1590
The Maine An Account of Her Destruction in Havana Harbor
The Druzes and the Maronites Under the Turkish Rule from 1840 to 1860
Russian Folk-Tales With Introduction and Notes
The Homilies of S John Chrysostom on the Gospel of St Matthew Vol 1
The Vicar of Wrexhill Vol 2 of 3
The Logic of Christian Evidences
Continental Stagecraft
Railroad Promotion and Capitalization in the United States
Who Can Be Happy and Free in Russia
Entertaining the American Army The American Stage and Lyceum in the World War
In the Choir of Westminster Abbey A Story of Henry Purcells Days
The Ten Republics An Introduction to the South American Series in Porters Progress of Nations
Sir Robert Hart The Romance of a Great Career Told by His Niece Juliet Bredon
Tales of the Punjab Told by the People
Tanks in the Great War 1914-1918
The Hebrew Prophet
Nature Readers Sea-Side and Way-Side No 3
Illustrated Notes on English Church History Vol 2
The Pathfinders of the Revolution A Story of the Great March Into the Wilderness and Lake Region of New York in 1779
Bismarck the Man the Statesman Vol 2 Being the Reflections and Reminiscences of Otto Prince Von Bismarck
Health in the Home A Practical Work on the Promotion and Preservation of Health With Illustrated Prescriptions of Swedish Gymnastic Exercise for Home and Club Practice
The Dawn of the Xixth Century in England Vol 1 A Social Sketch of the Times
The Story of Yates the Missionary As Told in His Letters and Reminiscences
The Theory of Equations Vol 2 Introduction to the Theory of Binary Algebraic Forms
Frontiers of Freedom
Callias A Tale of the Fall of Athens
Through the Russian Revolution
Elements of Hebrew Grammar To Which Is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Two Modes of Reading with or Without Points
Japanese Conversation-Grammar with Numerous Reading Lessons and Dialogues
The Happy Islands or Paradise Restored
Geography of Pennsylvania For the Use of Schools and Private Families
Physical Geography in Its Relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents
The Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar with Copious Notes Illustrating the Structure of the Saxon and the Formation of the English Language
Life in the Soudan Adventures Amongst the Tribes and Travels in Egypt in 1881 and 1882
The Economic Outlook
The History and Use of Hymns and Hymn-Tunes
A Grammar Containing the Etymology and Syntax of the English Language For Advanced Grammar Grades and for High Schools Academies Etc
The Golden Rule Cook Book Six Hundred Recipes for Meatless Dishes
The Life and Teaching of Tuk257r257m
Zionism and World Politics A Study in History and Social Psychology
The Land of the Nihilist Russia Its People Its Palaces Its Politics a Narrative of Travel in the Czars Dominions
Then Mummy Vol 3 of 3 A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century
Chinese Art Vol 2
The Apostolic Age of the Christian Church Vol 1
Plant Propagation Greenhouse and Nursery Practice
Trees That Every Child Should Know Easy Tree Studies for All Seasons of the Year
Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837 Vol 1 With an Account of a Voyage Into Upper Egypt and an Appendix
The Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America Vol 1 of 2
Studies on the New Testament Vol 1
Legends and Traditions of Huntingdonshire
Irenaeus of Lugdunum
Leet Jurisdiction in England Especially as Illustrated by the Records of the Court Leet of Southampton
The Panjab North-West Frontier Province and Kashmir
The Knights of England France and Scotland
Pen-Portraits of Literary Women Vol 1 By Themselves and Others
The Diseases of the Ear and Their Treatment
The By-Ways of Braithe
Bawbee Jock
The Poetical Works of the Rev H F Lyte
The Life and Times of Gen John Graves Simcoe Commander of the queens Rangers During the Revolutionary War and First Governor of Upper Canada Together with Some Account of Major Andri and Capt Brant
The Spanish Civil Code In Force in Spain Cuba Puerto Rico and the Philippines
Italian Sketches
The Desert Mounted Corps An Account of the Cavalry Operations in Palestine and Syria 1917-1918
Primitive Folk-Moots Or Open-Air Assemblies in Britain
An United States Midshipman Philippines
The Law of Domestic Relations of the State of New York With Forms Including Marriage Divorce Separation Rights and Liabilities of Married Women Dower Actions for Dower Guardian and Ward Adoption of Children Apprentices and Servants Abandonment O
The Fables of isop And Others with Designs on Wood
French Revolutionary Generals
Lucretia or the Children of the Night
Green Cliffs A Summer Love Story
Irish Memories
The Lyon in Mourning 1895 Vol 1 of 3 Or a Collection of Speeches Letters Journals Etc Relative to the Affairs of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
The State Its History and Development Viewed Sociologically
The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Several Nations of the Known World Represented in Above an Hundred Copper-Plates Designed by the Famous Picart of 3 Volume 3
The Practice of the Court of Exchequer Upon Proceedings in Equity in Two Volumes by David Burton Fowler of 2 Volume 2
A Collection of Tracts Published Between the Years 1729 and 1759 in the Defence and Explanation of Christianity and Its Evidence by Henry Stebbing Improved and Prepared for the Press by the Author and Now Republished
The Miscellaneous Works of Hugh Boyd the Author of the Letters of Junius with an Account of His Life and Writings by Lawrence Dundas Campbell of 2 Volume 1
The First Part of the Modern Conveyancer Or Conveyancing Improvd Being a Choice Collection of Precedents on Most Occasions to Which Are Added Opinions of Several Learned Counsel Vol I the Third Edition Corrected Volume 1 of 3
The Practice of the Court of Kings Bench in Personal Actions by William Tidd the Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged of 2 Volume 1
The Statistical Account of Scotland Drawn Up from the Communications of the Ministers of the Different Parishes by Sir John Sinclair of 21 Volume 12
A Discourse Concerning the Being and Attributes of God the Obligations of Natural Religion and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian Revelation Being Sixteen Sermons Preachd at the Cathedral-Church of St Paul in the Years 1704
A Critical History of the Doctrines and Worships (Both Good and Evil) of the Church from Adam to Our Saviour Jesus Christ Written in French by Mr Peter Jurieu and Faithfully Done Into English in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
A System of the Principles of the Law of Scotland by George Wallace Advocate Vol I of 1 Volume 1
The Principles of a Member of the Black List Set Forth by Way of Dialogue
An Exposition of the Creed by John Pearson a New Edition of 2 Volume 1
The Reasonableness and Certainty of the Christian Religion by Robert Jenkin the Fourth Edition Corrected and Very Much Enlarged of 2 Volume 2
The Decisions of the Court of Session from Its First Institution to the Present Time Abridged and Digested Under Proper Heads in Form of a Dictionary Collected from Manuscripts as Well as the Printed Decisions Second Edition V 2 of 2 Volume 2
A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages the Fourth Edition Revised Corrected and Greatly Enlarged Together with an Appendix of Precedents by John Joseph Powell in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Scholar Armed Against the Errors of the Time Or a Collection of Tracts on the Principles and Evidences of Christianity the Constitution of the Church and the Authority of Civil Government in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The New State of England Under Our Sovereign Queen Anne in Three Parts with the Newest and Exactest Lists of Her Majestys Officers in Church and State the Fifth Edition with Great Alterations Additions and Improvements
The Weekly Amusement from Saturday Decemr 24th 1763 to Saturday Decemr 29 1764 or an Useful and Agreeable Miscellany of Literary Entertainment Together with an Historical Detail of the Publick Transactions of 2 Volume 1
The Statistical Account of Scotland Drawn Up from the Communications of the Ministers of the Different Parishes by Sir John Sinclair of 21 Volume 9
The Works of Sir William Jones in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 6
A Collection of State-Trials and Proceedings Upon High-Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanours from the Reign of Kingedward VI to the Present Time with Tables to the VII and VIII Supplemental Vs the Second Ed V 8 of 8
A Digest of the Laws of England by the Right Honourable Sir John Comyns of 5 Volume 4
The Gentleman Instructed in the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life in Three Parts Written for the Instruction of a Young Nobleman to Which Is Added a Word to the Ladies by Way of Supplement to the First Part the Eighth Edition
The Works of John Locke in Nine Volumes the Ninth Edition of 9 Volume 5
The Life of Henry Bidleman Bascom DD LL D Late Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Eczema and Its Management A Practical Treatise Based on the Study of Two Thousand Five Hundred Cases of the Disease
Vie Et Les Oeuvres de Jean-Sibastien Bach La Sa Famille Ses ilives Ses Contemporains
The Empire of Business
Canaries and Cage-Birds the Food Care Breeding Diseases and Treatment of All House Birds Birds for Pleasure and for Profit
The Kidnapped President
A History of the Plymouth Brethren
Stories of Symphonic Music A Guide to the Meaning of Important Symphonies Overtures and Tone-Poems from Beethoven to the Present Day
Northern Mythology Vol 2 of 3 Comprising the Principal Popular Traditions and Superstitions of Scandinavia North Germany and the Netherlands
Narragansett Bay Its Historic and Romantic Associations and Picturesque Setting
To the Coral Strand A Novel
A Memoir of Mrs Crudelius
Mounted Police Life in Canada A Record of Thirty-One Years Service
North Pacific Ophiurans in the Collection of the United States National Museum
Our House
Rhymes of Northern Bards Being a Curious Collection of Old and New Songs and Poems
The Letter and Chart of Toscanelli On the Route to the Indies by Way of the West Sent in 1474 to the Portuguese Fernam Martins and Later on to Christopher Columbus
Savonarola His Life and Times
Go Get em The True Adventures of an American Aviator of the Lafayette Flying Corps Who Was the Only Yankee Flyer Fighting Over General Pershings Boys of the Rainbow Division in Lorraine When They First Went over the Top
Lectures on Phrenology
The Ballads and Songs of Yorkshire Transcribed from Private Manuscripts Rare Broadsides and Scarce Publications With Notes and a Glossary
Syria from the Saddle
Beyond the Lines Or a Yankee Prisoner Loose in Dixie
The Life of Rev Sir F A G Ouseley Bart MA Mus D Etc Etc
Wreath of Wild Flowers From New England
Documents from Old Testament Times
Morocco as It Is With an Account of Sir Charles Euan Smiths Recent Mission to Fez
The Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England According to the Uses of Sarum Bangor York Hereford and the Modern Roman Liturgy
Porfirio Diaz President of Mexico The Master Builder of a Great Commonwealth
A Tale of Two Conventions Being an Account of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions of June 1912 with an Outline of the Progressive National Convention of August in the Same Year
Queen and Cardinal A Memoir of Anne of Austria and of Her Relations with Cardinal Mazarin
Ange Pitou Vol 2 Or Taking the Bastile
Chapters in the Administrative History of Mediaeval England Vol 2 The Wardrobe the Chamber and the Small Seals
Italian Characters In the Epoch of Unification
Letters and Sketches With a Narrative of a Years Residence Among the Indian Tribes of the Rocky Mountains
Arsine Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes
Norman Institutions
Mimorial de Sainte Hiline Vol 1 Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena
A History of Wales Vol 1 of 2 From the Earliest Times to the Edwardian Conquest
Through Masai Land A Journey of Exploration Among the Snowclad Volcanic Mountains and Strange Tribes of Eastern Equitorial Africa Being the Narrative of the Royal Geographical Societys Expedition to Mount Kenia and Lake Victoria Nyanza 1883-1884
Law Its Origin Growth and Function Being a Course of Lectures Prepared for Delivery Before the Law School of Harvard University
Columbia to the Rhine Being a Brief History of the Fourth Engineers and Their Trip from the Columbia River in the State of Washington U S A to the Rhine River in Germany
The Education of Cyrus Translated from the Greek of Xenophon
English Local Government The Story of the Kings Highway
Chief of the Pilgrims Or the Life and Time of William Brewster Ruling Elder of the Pilgrim Company That Founded New Plymouth the Parent Colony of New England in 1620
The American Slave Code in Theory and Practice Its Distinctive Features Shown by Its Statutes Judicial Decisions and Illustrative Facts
Illustrated History of McDonald County Missouri From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
A Womans Love-Lesson Vol 3 of 3
Diseases of Poultry Their Etiology Diagnosis Treatment Ment and Prevention
Where Black Rules White A Journey Across and about Hayti
Lancaster County Indians Annals of the Susquehannocks and Other Indian Tribes of the Susquehanna Territory from about the Year 1500 to 1763 the Date of Their Extinction an Exhaustive and Interesting Series of Historical Papers Descriptive of Lancaster
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey
Wholly for God The True Christian Life
Fifty Thousand Miles on a Hospital Ship
Morale The Supreme Standard of Life and Conduct
Eli and Sybil Jones Their Life and Work
The Christian Race and Other Sermons
My Arctic Journal 1893 A Year Among Ice-Fields and Eskimos
A Genealogical History of the Rice Family Descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice
Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek
Active Service
Dictionary of the Hausa Language Vol 1 Hausa-English
Brier-Patch Philosophy
Historia Religiosa Politica y Literaria de la Compaiia de Jesis Vol 5
Life Sketches of Eminent Lawyers American English and Canadian To Which Is Added Thoughts Facts and Facetiae In Two Volumes
Elementary Trigonometry
Marequita LEspagnole Mephis
Lives of the Leaders of Our Church Universal from the Days of the Successors of the Apostles to the Present Time Vol 3 The Lives by European Writers from the German
A German-English Medical Thesaurus Or Treasure of Single and Compound Medical Words and Terms with Dialogues Idiomatic Phrases and Proverbs Etc Etc
Mathematical and Physical Papers Vol 1
Memoirs of Sir Thomas More Vol 2 of 2 With a New Translation of His Utopia His History of King Richard III and His Latin Poems
The Gentlemens Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness Being a Complete Guide for a Gentlemans Conduct in His Relations Towards Society Containing Rules for the Etiquette to Be Observed in the Street at Table in the Ball Room Evening Party
On Love Translated from the French With an Introduction and Notes
History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches Vol 2 of 2 One of His Most Christian Majestys Honorable Privy-Council Heretofore Preceptor to the Dauphin and Chief Almoner to the Dauphiness
The Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire
The Marrow of Tradition
Dorothy Forster A Novel
The Pioneer a Tale of Two States
A Short History of the Papacy
The Drama of Love and Death A Study of Human Evolution and Transfiguration
Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness from the Tenth Century
Leaders in Literature With a Notice of Traditional Errors Affecting Them
Four Comedies
Kirsteen The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago
Burma Painted and Described
Pacific Coast Collection Laws A Summary of the Laws of California Nevada Oregon Washington Territory Idaho Montana Utah Wyoming Arizona and British Columbia and of the United States in Relation to Bankruptcy
A History of the Original Settlements on the Delaware From Its Discovery by Hudson
The French Monarchy Vol 2 1483-1789
First Lessons in American History
Aspects of Pessimism
Characteristics of Men Manners Opinions Times Etc Vol 1 of 2
The Wood-Carver of Salem Samuel McIntire His Life and Work
The Journals of William Clowes A Primitive Methodist Preacher
Beautiful Houses A Study in House-Building
The Industrial History of the Negro Race of the United States
The Crimson Cross
Text-Book of Electrochemistry
The Balance of Nature and Modern Conditions of Cultivation A Practical Manual of Animal Foes and Friends for the Country Gentleman the Farmer the Forester the Gardener and the Sportsman
The Speeches of M Tullius Cicero Against Catiline and Antony and for Murena and Milo
Gethsemani Meditations on the Last Day on Earth of Our Blessed Redeemer
Ugandas White Man of Work A Story of Alexander M MacKay
Memorial of the Morses Containing the History of Seven Persons of the Name Who Settled in America in the Seventeenth Century With a Catalogue of Ten Thousand of Their Descendants
In Around the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona
International Law Vol 2 War
Ramsays History of South Carolina Vol 2 From Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year 1808
How the War Came
The Clan Campbell Vol 1 Abstracts of Entries Relating to Campbells in the Sheriff Court Books of Argyll at Inveraray
The Pathway of Life Vol 2
The World a Department Store A Story of Life Under a Coiperative System
Das Nibelungenlied Schul-Ausgabe Mit Einem Worterbuche
The Ladys Magazine Or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex Appropriated Solely to Their Use and Amusement of 3 Volume 1
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Written by John Locke Gent the Twentieth Edition to Which Are Now Added I an Analysis VI a New Method Extracted from the Authors Works of 2 Volume 1
A New English Dictionary Containing a Brief and Clear Explication of Most Words in the English Language and of Difficult Words Derived from Foreign Languages and Several Terms of Art
The Weekly Museum Or Instructive Entertainer Containing a Collection of Select Pieces Both in Prose and Verse Curious Anecdotes Instructive Tales and Ingenious Essays on Different Subjects of 2 Volume 1
The Lives of Saints Collected from Authentick Records of Church History with a Full Account of the Other Festivals Throughout the Year the Second Edition of 4 Volume 2
The Works of MR William Shakespear in Six Volumes Consisting of Comedies of 6 Volume 1
Magazin a la Mode Dedii Aux Dames MIS En Ordre Par M Praval of 2 Volume 2 Le
A Collection of Tracts on Various Subjects Written by Thomas Chubb Vol II of 2 Volume 1
The Embassador and His Functions by Monsieur de Wicquefort to Which Is Added an Historical Discourse Concerning the Election of the Emperor and the Electors by the Same Author Translated Into English by Mr Digby
An Impartial Report of the Debates in the Two Houses of Parliament in the Year 1795 Including Copies of All State Papers Treaties Conventions c by William Woodfall of 4 Volume 3
A Collection of One Hundred and Fifty Select Views in England Scotland and Ireland Drawn by P Sandby of 2 Volume 2
A System of the Law of Marine Insurances with Three Chapters on Bottomry On Insurances on Lives And on Insurances Against Fire by James Allan Park Esq of Lincolns Inn Barrister at Law [one Line in Latin from Cicero]
The Weekly Entertainer Or Agreeable and Instructive Repository Containing a Collection of Select Pieces Both in Prose and Verse Curious Anecdotes Instructive Tales and Ingenious Essays on Different Subjects of 59 Volume 7
A Dictionary English and Hindoostanee to Which Is Prefixed a Grammar of the Hindoostanee Language by John Gilchrist
The Weekly Entertainer Or Agreeable and Instructive Repository Containing a Collection of Select Pieces Both in Prose and Verse Curious Anecdotes Instructive Tales and Ingenious Essays on Different Subjects of 59 Volume 4
The Weekly Entertainer Or Agreeable and Instructive Repository Containing a Collection of Select Pieces Both in Prose and Verse Curious Anecdotes Instructive Tales and Ingenious Essays on Different Subjects of 59 Volume 3
The Harleian Miscellany Or a Collection of Rare Curious and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts as Well in Manuscript as in Print Found in the Late Earl of Oxfords Library of 8 Volume 2
A Collection of the Parliamentary Debates in England from the Year M DC LXVIII to the Present Time of 24 Volume 23
The Continuation of Mr Rapins History of England From the Revolution to the Present Times by N Tindal Illustrated the Fourth Edition Corrected of 7 Volume 4
The Sinners Guide from Vice to Virtue Giving Him Instructions and Directions How to Become Virtuous Written Originally in Spanish by the Reverend Father Lewis of Granada the Second Edition Carefully Revised and Corrected
The History of Ancient Greece From the Earliest Times Till It Became a Roman Province
An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere by John Hawkesworth LLD in Three Vs Illustrated with Cuts and a Great Variety of Charts and Maps [2ed] V 1 of 1
An Apology for the Clergy of the Church of England in a Particular Examination of a Book Entituled the Rights of the Christian Church and Its Second Defence by John Lewis
Traiti de lAutoriti Des Rois Touchant lAdministration de lEglise Par M Le Vayer de Boutigny Nouvelle idition Revie Corrigie Pour La Premiere Fois Sur Le Manuscrit de lAuteur
Ovids Metamorphoses in Fifteen Books Translated by the Most Eminent Hands Adornd with Sculptures
The Gardeners Dictionary Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Improving All Sorts of Trees Plants and Flowers for the Kitchen Fruit and Pleasure Gardens As Also Those Which Are Used in Medicine the Fourth Edition of 3 Volume 3
An Inquiry Into the Rise and Progress of Parliament Chiefly in Scotland And a Complete System of the Law Concerning the Elections of the Representatives from Scotland to the Parliament of Great Britain
The History of the Most Noble Order of the Garter Wherein Is Set Forth an Account of the Town Castle Chappel and College of Windsor to Which Is Prefixd a Discourse of Knighthood in General
A Continuation of the Account of the Ministers Lecturers Masters and Fellows of Colleges and Schoolmasters Who Were Ejected and Silenced After the Restoration in 1660 of 2 Volume 2
Ecclesii Primitivi Notitia Or a Summary of Christian Antiquities to Which Is Prefixd an Index Hireticus There Is Also Added a Brief Account of the Eight First General Councils of 2 Volume 2
The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments Also the Companion to the Altar with Notes and Annotations
A Treatise on Ship-Building and Navigation in Three Parts Wherein the Theory Practice and Application of All the Necessary Instruments Are Perspicuously Handled the Second Edition
A Methodical Summary of the Law Relating to the Pleas of the Crown Written Originally by Sir Matthew Hale the Seventh Edition Continued to the Present Time by a Gentleman of the Inner Temple
Travels Into the Interior Parts of Africa by the Way of the Cape of Good Hope In the Years 1780 81 82 83 84 and 85 Translated from the French of M Le Vaillant
An Introduction to Merchandise Containing a Complete System of Arithmetic a System of Algebra the Second Edition Corrected and Revised by Robert Hamilton
A Voyage Round the World in the Years MDCCXL I II III IV by George Anson Esq Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majestys Ships Sent Upon an Expedition to the South-Seas the Fourth Edition with Charts
A Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England Wherein Liturgies in General Are Proved Lawful and Necessary the Several Tables Rules and Kalendar Are Considered
The Complete French Scholars Guide and Practical Grammar Containing 1 an Accurate Analysis of the Parts of Speech 7 an Appendix Containing an Alphabetical List of Substantives by MR Boyer the Sixth Ed with Considerable Additions
The Life of Robert Lord Clive Baron Plassey Wherein Are Impartially Delineated His Military Talents in the Field His Maxims of Government in the Cabinet During the Two Last Wars in the East Indies of 4 Volume 3
The Spirit of Laws Translated from the French of M de Secondat Baron de Montesquieu by Mr Nugent the Second Edition Corrected and Considerably Improved of 2 Volume 2
The Accomplishd Practiser in the High Court of Chancery Shewing the Whole Method of Proceedings According to the Present Practice Containing the Original Power and Jurisdiction of the Chancery Ed 6 V 2 of 2
The Laws of Honour or a Compendious Account of the Ancient Derivation of All Titles Dignities Offices as Well Spiritual as Temporal Civil or Military Also an Exact List of Officers Civil and Military in Great Britain
Letters and Remains of the Lord Chancellor Bacon Collected by Robert Stephens Esq
Thirteen Sermons Concerning the Doctrine of the Trinity Together with a Vindication of That Celebrated Text I John V7 from Being Spurious in Four Sermons by Edmund Calamy DD
An Apology for the True Christian Divinity Being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the Quakers Written in Latin and English by Robert Barclay the Eighth Edition in English
Origines Sacrae Or a Rational Account of the Grounds of Natural and Reveald Religion the Seventh Edition to Which Is Now Added Part of Another Book Upon the Same Subject by the Right Reverend Edward Stillingfleet
Plutarchs Lives in Eight Volumes Translated from the Greek with Notes Historical and Critical from M Dacier of 8 Volume 8
T LIVII Patavini Historiarum AB Urbe Condita Libri Qui Supersunt XXXV Recensuit J B L Crevier of 6 Volume 5
Paradise Lost a Poem in Twelve Books the Author John Milton the Thirteenth Edition to Which Is Prefixd an Account of His Life
Miscellaneous Works of the Late Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield Consisting of Letters to His Friends Never Before Printed and Various Other Articles to Which Are Prefixed Memoirs of His Life by M Maty MD of 2 Volume 1
The Crown Circuit Companion Containing the Practice of the Assises on the Crown Side and of the Courts of General and General Quarter Sessions of the Peace by W Stubbs and G Talmash the Third Edition
Commentaries on the Laws of England Book the Second by William Blackstone the Third Edition
A Course of Chymistry Containing an Easie Method of Preparing Those Chymical Medicines Which Are Used in Physick by Nicholas Lemery the Fourth Edition Translated from the Eleventh Edition in the French
Paradise Lost a Poem in Twelve Books the Author John Milton the Fourth Edition with Notes of Various Authors by Thomas Newton of 2 Volume 2
Geometrical and Graphical Essays Containing a Description of the Mathematical Instruments Used in Geometry Civil and Military Surveying Levelling and Perspective With Many New Problems Illustrative of Each Branch by George Adams
Colloquiorum Desiderii Erasmi Roterodami Familiarium Opus Aureum Recensuit Suasque Etiam Non Paucas Interpretationes Addidit Samuel Patricius
With a Compleat Index of 4 Volume 3
Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth the Sixth Edition to Which Is Added the Authors Defence of the Work from the Exceptions of Mr Warren and the Examination of Mr Keil of 2 Volume 2
Essays and Notes on Husbandry and Rural Affairs by JB Bordley [three Lines of Verse]
With a Compleat Index of 4 Volume 1
An Impartial Report of the Debates That Occur in the Two Houses of Parliament in the Course of the Fourth Session of the Eighteenth Parliament Called to Meet on Tuesday the 27th of September 1796 by William Woodfall V 1 of 3
Memoires de Maximilien de Bethune Duc de Sully Principal Ministre de Henry Le Grand MIS En Ordre Avec Des Remarques Par MLDLDL of 3 Volume 1
Antiqu Lingu Britannic Thesaurus Being a British or Welsh-English Dictionary to Which Is Prefixed a Compendious and Comprehensive Welsh Grammar by Thomas Richards
The Confession of Faith the Larger and Shorter Catechisms with the Scripture Proofs at Large Together with the Sum of Saving Knowledge Form of Church-Government
Geschichte Von Boehmen Vol 1
Traite Theorique Et Pratique de Droit Civil Vol 1 Des Personnes
Poems of Wit and Humour
Patriziato Milanese Il Secondo Nuovi Documenti Deposti Negli Archivi Pubblici E Privati
Wessel Gansfort Vol 1 of 2 Life and Writings Principal Works
Texas A Contest of Civilizations
Growing Up in New Guinea A Comparative Study of Primitive Education
The Land of Heather
A Forgotten Prince of Wales
A Chronicle Together with a Little Romance Regarding Rudolf and Jacob Nif of Frankford Pennsylvania and Their Descendants Including an Account of the Neffs in Switzerland and America
New Orleans as It Was Episodes of Louisiana Life
Les Pyrenies Franiaises Vol 1 Illustrations de E Sadoux Lourdes Argelis Cauterets Luz Saint-Sauveur Bariges
Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith K C B c Vol 1 of 2
The Life of the Reverend Devereux Jarratt Rector of Bath Parish Dinwiddie County Virginia
The Philosophy of Sectarianism Or a Classified View of the Christian Sects in the United States With Notices of Their Progress and Tendencies
As Having Nothing
Analytic Geometry With Introductory Chapter on the Calculus
The Personal Adventures and Experiences of a Magistrate During the Rise Progress and Suppression of the Indian Mutiny
On the Trail of the Opium Poppy Vol 1 A Narrative of Travel in the Chief Opium-Producing Provinces of China
The Seventh Vial Being an Exposition of the Apocalypse and in Particular of the Pouring Out of the Seventh Vial with Special Reference to the Present Revolutions in Europe
The Mystic Test Book or the Magic of the Cards Giving the Mystic Meaning of These Wonderful and Ancient Emblems in Their Relationship to the Heavenly Bodies Under All Conditions With Rules and Processes for Reading or Delineating the Emblems
Magellans Voyage Around the World Vol 1
Life and Death in Rebel Prisons Giving a Complete History of the Inhuman and Barbarous Treatment of Our Brave Soldiers by Rebel Authorities Inflicting Terrible Suffering and Frightful Mortally Principally at Andersonville Ga and Florence S C Desc
A Brief Genealogical History of Robert Starkweather of Roxbury and Ipswich Massachusetts
The System of Nature Vol 1 Or Laws of the Moral and Physical World
Daily Strength for Daily Needs
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
A Study of Prolonged Fasting
Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910
Thorstein of the Mere A Saga of the Northmen in Lakeland
The Forest People
The Parlin Genealogy The Descendants of Nicholas Parlin of Cambridge Mass
Life of the Apostle St John
Abbeokuta or Sunrise Within the Tropics An Outline of the Origin and Progress of the Yoruba Mission
Stories of Strange Women
The Adventures of James Capen Adams Mountaineer Adams Grizzly Bear Hunter of California
A Texas Ranger
The Golden Bible or the Book of Mormon Is It from God
Herr Eugen Dihrings Revolution in Science Anti-Dihring
The Optimists Good Night
Zions Holy War Against the Hosts of Hell in Chicago
Annals of the Sinnott Rogers Coffin Corlies Reeves Bodine and Allied Families
Some Observations of a Foster Parent
The Gossips of Rivertown With Sketches in Prose and Verse
The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo Vol 2 of 2 Containing a True and Full Account of the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico and New Spain
Edwin Booth Recollections by His Daughter Edwina Booth Grossmann and Leters to Her and to His Friends
A Tour Through the Island of Jamaica From the Western to the Eastern End in the Year 1823
Letters from a Self Made Merchant to His Son
Demonic Possession in the New Testament Its Relations Historical Medical and Theological
Primitive Christianity Or the Religion of the Ancient Christians in the First Ages of the Gospel Vol 2 of 2 To Which Are Added the Lives of Justin Martyr and St Cyprian
History of the Campaign of Mobile Including the Cooperative Operations of Gen Wilsons Cavalry in Alabama
Winifreds Jewels
S H Hadley of Water Street A Miracle of Grace
The Patriot Boy Or the Life and Career of Major-General Ormsby M Mitchel
A Ribbon of Iron
The Heart of Miranda And Other Stories Being Mostly Winter Tales
John Greenleaf Whittier His Life Genius and Writings
A History of Dunster Vol 1 And of the Families of Mohun Luttrell
The Long Road to Baghdad Vol 2 of 2
The Lancashire Hollands
A Modern Herculaneum Story of the New Richmond Tornado
Brigadier Frederick And the Deans787 Watch
Regulations and Instructions for the Field Service of the U S Cavalry in Time of War
In It
Life of Louis Prince of Condi Surnamed the Great
Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life
Botany All the Year Round A Practical Text-Book for Schools
Modern Sons of the Pharaohs A Study of the Manners and Customs of the Copts of Egypt
A History of Story-Telling Studies in the Development of Narrative
Letters on South America Vol 2 of 3 Comprising Travels on the Banks of the Parani and Rio de la Plata
Fairy Gold
Lectures on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages
A History of American Political Theories
Towards Racial Health A Handbook on the Training of Boys and Girls Parents Teachers Social Workers
Self-Knowledge and Self-Discipline
A Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan Languages of India Vol 2 To Wit Hindi Panjabi Sindhi Gujarati Marathi Oriya and Bangali
What They Ask about Marriage
The Beginnings of South Indian History
The Assemblies of Al Hariri Vol 2 Translated from the Arabic with Notes Historical and Grammatical
Working Life of Women in the Seventeenth Century
A History of the Character and Achievements of the So-Called Christopher Columbus
Anecdote Lives of Wits and Humourists Vol 2
The Gold Coast Past and Present A Short Description of the Country and Its People
Villas of Florence and Tuscany
The Art of Landscape Gardening Including His Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening and Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening
Medical Diseases of the War
The Voyage of Bran Son of Febal to the Land of the Living Vol 2 An Old Irish Saga
The Young Gardeners Assistant In Three Parts Containing Catalogues of Garden and Flower Seed with Practical Directions Under Each Head for the Cultivation of Culinary Vegetables and Flowers Also Directions for Cultivating Fruit Trees the Grape Vine
The Axioms of Religion A New Interpretation of the Baptist Faith
New England Joke Lore The Tonic of Yankee Humor
Samuel Sewall and the World He Lived in
Death and Its Mystery at the Moment of Death Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dying doubles Phenomena of Occultism
Saunterings in Spain Barcelona Madrid Toledo Cordova Seville Granada
Sermons on Christian Doctrine
A Treatise on the Law of Income Taxation Under Federal and State Laws
Race Nationality An Inquiry Into the Origin and Growth of Patriotism
Poems and Miscellanies
The Prophet Jonah His Character and Mission to Nineveh
History of Wachovia in North Carolina The Unitas Fratrum or Moravian Church in North Carolina During a Century and a Half 1752-1902
On Animal and Vegetable Parasites of the Human Body Vol 2 A Manual of Their Natural History Diagnosis and Treatment Animal Parasites with Striped Muscular Fibres and Vegetables Parasites
Guy Fawkes or the Gunpowder Treason An Historical Romance
Easy Money Being the Experiences of a Reformed Gambler
A Philosophical Inquiry Into the Origin of Our Ideas Sublime and Beautiful With an Introductory Discourse Concerning Taste and Several Other Additons
The Loyalists in the American Revolution
Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica 1876 Vol 1
Ancient and Historic Landmarks in the Lebanon Valley
The Holy Spirit of God
Gettysburg Where and How the Regiments Fought and the Troops They Encountered An Account of the Battle Giving Movements Positions and Losses of the Commands Engaged
Report on the Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah 1880 With Atlas
The Tour of Doctor Syntax In Search of the Picturesque a Poem
Adventures in Swaziland The Story the of a South African Boer
Buffalo Bill And His Adventures in the West
The Minor Prophets Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah Malachi Introductions
Love Among the Chickens A Story of the Haps and Mishaps on an English Chicken Farm
College Botany Structure Physiology and Economics of Plants
Homo Sapiens Vol 1 of 3 A Novel in Three Parts
The Monuments of Christian Rome from Constantine to the Renaissance
The Orchestra Vol 1 Technique of the Instruments
From Pericles to Philip
Superstition in All Ages A Dying Confession
The Human Body and Health An Elementary Text-Book of Essential Anatomy Applied Physiology and Practical Hygiene for Schools
The Cities of the Sun
Northern Mythology Comprising the Principal Popular Traditions and Superstitions of Scandinavia North Germany and the Netherlands Vol 3 of 3 Compiled from Original and Other Sources
Treatise on Arithmetic Practical and Theoretical
Old Peters Russian Tales
Old-Time Primitive Methodism in Canada 1829-1884
The Wonders of the Invisible World Being an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches Lately Executed in New-England
The Act of Touch in All Its Diversity An Analysis and Synthesis of Pianoforte Tone-Production
An Elementary Treatise on Modern Pure Geometry
The Scented Garden
The Cementation of Iron and Steel
Electro-Homoeopathic Medicine A New Medical System Being a Popular and Domestic Guide Founded on Experience
Casting Tackle and Methods
Little Helps for Home-Makers A Wealth of Personal Practical Knowledge in Home-Making
Personal Memoirs of John H Brinton Major and Surgeon U S V 1861-1865
My Recollections
History of Zionism 1600-1918 Vol 1 of 2
The Second Afghan War Vol 2 1878-79-80 Its Causes Its Conduct and Its Consequences
Diophantus of Alexandria A Study in the History of Greek Algebra
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo And Other East African Adventures
Babylonian Magic and Sorcery Being the Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand the Cuneiform Texts of a Group of Babylonian and Assyrian Incantations and Magical Formuli
A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
Chippewa Customs
The Jews
History of the United States To Which Is Prefixed a Brief Historical Account of Our (English) Ancestors from the Dispersion at Babel to Their Migration to America and of the Conquest of South America by the Spaniards
An Universal Dictionary of the Marine
Fear God and Take Your Own Part
Johann Taulers Predigten Vol 1 Nach Den Besten Ausgaben Und in Unverindertem Text in Die Jetzige Schriftsprache ibertragen Von Advent Bis Ostern
Tarzan of the Apes
The Blue Lagoon A Romance
The Apocryphal Acts of Paul Peter John Andrew and Thomas
Dalys Billiard Book Illustrated with More Than 400 Diagrams 30 Technical Photographs and 3 Strategy Maps
The Gods of Northern Buddhism Their History Iconography and Progressive Evolution Through the Northern Buddhist Countries
Lettres dUne Piruvienne
The House on Henry Street
The Psychology of Day-Dreams
Of the Imitation of Christ
Recollections of a Happy Life Vol 1 of 2 Being the Autobiography of Marianne North
Recollections of a Happy Life Vol 2 of 2 Being the Autobiography of Marianne North
The Lost Language of Symbolism Vol 1 An Inquiry Into the Origin of Certain Letters Words Names Fairy-Tales Folklore and Mythologies
Myths and Folk-Lore of Ireland
Dictionnaire Universel Des Sciences Ecclisiastiques Vol 1 Histoire de la Religion Et de liglise Discipline Ecclisistique Liturgie Thiologie Dogmatique Et Morale Exigise Biblique Droit Canon Hagiographie Papes Conciles Siiges ipiscopau
The Steam Engineers Handbook A Convenient Reference Book for All Persons Interested in Steam Boilers Steam Engines Steam Turbines and the Auxiliary Appliances and Machinery of Power Plants
The Theory of the Leisure Class An Economic Study of Institutions
Russias Agony
Experience and Prediction An Analysis of the Foundations and the Structure of Knowledge
Predigten Fir Verschiedene Gelegenheiten
The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake Being His Next Voyage to That to Nombre de Dios Collated with an Unpublished Manuscript of Francis Fletcher Chaplain to the Expedition With Appendices Illustrative of the Same Voyage
Recollections Personal and Literary
Will Rogers Ambassador of Good Will Prince of Wit and Wisdom
Travel and Adventure in the Territory of Alaska Formerly Russian America Now Ceded to the United States and in Various Other Parts of the North Pacific
Le Plan Pangermaniste Dimasqui Le Redoutable Piige Berlinois de la Partie Nulle
Snow-Bound And Other Early Poems
Die Frihliche Wissenschaft ( la Gaya Scienza ) Dichtungen
His Official Fiancie
Rival French Courts The Experiences of a Lady-In-Waiting at Sceaux at Versailles and in the Bastille
The 47th (London) Division 1914-1919 By Some Who Served with It in the Great War
Natural Magick In Twenty Books
Propos de Peintre Dates Pricidi dUne Riponse i La Priface de M Marcel Proust Au de David i Degas
Mozarts Briefe
Les Juifs Rois de lipoque Histoire de la Fiodaliti Financiire
Beyond the Mexican Sierras
Genealogy of the Fishback Family in America The Descendants of John Fishback the Emigrant with an Historical Sketch of His Family and of the Colony at Germanna and Germantown Virginia 1714-1914
The Southern States Since the War 1870-1
Kansas The Prelude to the War for the Union
Christianity in the Apostolic Age
The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler With a Memoir of Her Life and Character
Between the Acts Vol 3 of 3 A Novel
The Shadow of Ashlydyat Vol 1 of 3
The Pipes of War A Record of the Achievements of Pipers of Scottish and Overseas Regiments During the War 1914-18
History of the Post-Office Packet Service Between the Years 1793-1815 Compiled from Records Chiefly Official
What I Remember Vol 1 of 2
Privatleben Der Rimer Vol 1 Das
Theatre de Voltaire Vol 1 Le Augmentee de Plusieurs Pieces Qui nOnt Ete Imprimees Que Depuis La Mort de lAuteur Et Qui Ne Se Trouvent Que Dans lEdition Des Oeuvres Complettes Imprimees A Kell
Rigaische Stadt-Blitter Fir Das Jahr 1817
Preussische Jahrbucher Vol 96 April Bis Juni 1899
Arbeiterschutzgesetzgebung in Den Europaischen Landern Die
Contes Domestiques
The Shihnima of Firdausi Vol 3
Un Furto Romanzo
Saturday Night Sketches Stories of Old Wiregrass Georgia
The First Rebel Being a Lost Chapter of Our History and a True Narrative of Americas First Uprising Against English Military Authority and an Account of the First Fighting Between Armed Colonists and British Regulars Together with a Biography of Colon
The Ministry of St John the Baptist
The Modern Whitfield Sermons of the Rev C H Spurgeon of London
The Romance of Era Filippo Lippi A New Version of the Love Story of the Friar-Artist and the Nun Lucrezia
The History of the American Revolution Vol 1 of 2
Letters from My Home in India
Mathematisches Handbuch Der Alten Aegypter (Papyrus Rhind Des British Museum) Vol 1 Ein Commentar
Le Bon Sens Du Curi Meslier Suivi de Son Testament
Die Anglo-Amerikanische Reformbewegung Im Strafrecht Eine Darstellung Ihres Einflusses Auf Die Kontinentale Rechtsentwickelung
La Rome Antique Histoire-Guide Des Monuments de Rome Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Reculis Jusqui lInvasion Des Barbares Ouvrage Illustri de 10 Gravures Et 35 Plans
The Invaders
The History of Scotland from the Union of the Crowns on the Accession of James VI to the Union of the Kingdoms in the Reign of Queen Anne by Malcolm Laing Esq of 2 Volume 1
A New and General Biographical Dictionary Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation a New Edition in Twelve Volumes Greatly Enlarged and Improved of 12 Volume 4
The New Gazetteer Or Modern Geographical Index Containing a Concise Description of the - Empires Kingdoms in the Known World Including a Full Account of the Counties Cities of England and Scotland
A Survey of the British Customs Containing the Rates of Merchandize as Established by 12 CarIIC4 11 GeoIC7 and Other Statutes With an Appendix Containing an Abstract of All the Laws Now in Force Relative to the Customs
A Collection of State Papers Relative to the War Against France Now Carrying on by Great-Britain and the Several Other European Powers Containing Authentic Copies of Treaties Conventions Proclamations Manifestoes Declarations of 11 Volume 9
The Complete Court-Keeper Or Land-Stewards Assistant Containing First the Nature of Courts Leet and Courts Baron Fifthly the Power and Authority of the Lord by Giles Jacob the Fifth Ed with Large Additions and Amendments
The Gardeners Dictionary Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen Fruit and Flower-Garden as Also the Physic-Garden Wilderness Conservatory and Vineyard of 3 Volume 3
The Ancient History by Charles Rollin in Eight Volumes Containing an Account of the Egyptians Carthaginians Assyrians Babylonians Medes and Persians Macedonians and Grecians the Eighth Edition of 2 Volume 1
A New and General Biographical Dictionary Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation Particularly the British and Irish a New Edition in Fifteen Volumes of 15 Volume 4
An Essay on the Proper Lessons Appointed by the Liturgy of the Church of England to Be Read on Sundays and Chief Festivals in Four Volumes the Second Edition of 4 Volume 3
The Entertaining Correspondent or Curious Relations Digested Into Familiar Letters and Conversations Being a Choice and Valuable Collection of Very Remarkable Histories with Regard to Travels Voyages Governments Volume 2
The Works of the Rev John Witherspoon DD LLD Late President of the College at Princeton New-Jersey to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Authors Life in a Sermon Occasioned by His Death of 3 Volume 1
The Modern Dictionary of Arts and Sciences Or Complete System of Literature the Whole Greatly Improved and Modernized from Every Dictionary That Hath Preceded It of 4 Volume 1
The Political State of Europe for the Year Containing an Authentic and Impartial Narrative of Every Military Operation of the Present Belligerent Powers And a Correct Copy of Every State Paper of 10 Volume 5
The History of England from the Revolution to the End of the American War and Peace of Versailles in 1783 in Six Volumes Designed as a Continuation of Mr Humes History by T Smollett MD of 6 Volume 4
A Collection of Decrees by the Court of Exchequer in Tithe-Causes from the Usurpation to the Present Time Carefully Extracted from the Books of Decrees and Orders of the Court of Exchequer in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 3
A System of Anatomy and Physiology with the Comparative Anatomy of Animals Compiled from the Latest and Best Authors and Arranged in the Order of the Lectures Delivered at the University of Edinburgh of 3 Volume 1
The Doctrine of Permutations and Combinations Being an Essential and Fundamental Part of the Doctrine of Chances As It Is Delivered by Mr James Bernoulli and by the Celebrated Dr John Wallis
An Impartial History of the War in America From Its First Commencement to the Present Time With the Charters of the Several Colonies and Other Information Likewise the Rise Progress and Political Springs of the War of 2 Volume 2
M T Ciceronis Orationes Qu dam Select Cum Interp Notis Quas in Usum Serenissimi Delphiniedidit P Carolus Mero ville SJ Quibus Pr figitur Vita Ciceronis Per Annos Consulares Digesta His Adjiciuntur in Tres Orationes Not Qu dam
A New and General Biographical Dictionary Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation Particularly the British and Irish a New Edition in Fifteen Volumes of 15 Volume 2
The Modern Universal Gazetteer Or a General View of the Several Nations of the World Containing I an Introduction to Geography V a Chronological Table of All the Remarkable Events and Inventions
C Cornelii Taciti Opera Recognovit Emendavit Supplementis Explevit Notis Dissertationibus Tabulis Geographicis Illustravit Gabriel Brotier of 4 Volume 1
The Cooks and Confectioners Dictionary Or the Accomplishd Housewifes Companion Revised and Recommended by John Nott
Reports of Cases Determined in the High Court of Chancery from April 25 1740 to May 9 1741 with Two Tables by Thomas Barnardiston
A Medical Glossary In Which the Words in the Various Branches of Medicine Are Deduced from Their Original Languages Properly Accented and Explained by W Turton MD
Philosophical Transactions Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings Studies and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World of 91 Volume 45
Dissertationes in Librum Jobi Autore Samuele Wesley
Philosophical Transactions Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings Studies and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World of 91 Volume 72
Suite Du Traiti de lAutoriti Des Rois Touchant lAdministration de lEglise de M Le Vayer de Boutigny Contenant Un Suppliment de Piices Importantes
Hesiodou Tou Askraiou Ta Heuriskomena Hesiodi Ascrii Qui Supersunt Cum Notis Variorum Edidit Thomas Robinson
Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of Kings Bench from the Third Year of King James the Second to the Twelfth Year of King William the Third by Thomas Carthew Published by His Son the Second Edition Corrected with Three Tables
Letters Written by the Late Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of Chesterfield to His Son Philip Stanhope Published by Mrs Eugenia Stanhope in Two Volumes the Fourth Edition Revised and Corrected of 2 Volume 2
Of True Christianity Four Books Wherein Is Contained the Whole Oeconomy of God Towards Man And the Whole Duty of Man Towards God Originally in High-Dutch Published in English in the Year MDCCXII Now Revised the Second Edition of 2 Volume 1
Philosophical Transactions Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings Studies and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World of 91 Volume 77
Philosophical Transactions Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings Studies and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World of 91 Volume 64
Pleaders Assistant Containing a Select Collection of Precedents of Modern Pleadings in the Courts of Kings Bench and Common Pleas c the Whole Drawn and Settled by the Most Eminent Counsel of the Time Viz
The History of Pamela Or Virtue Rewarded In a Series of Familiar Letters from a Beautiful Young Damsel to Her Parents To Which Are Prefixed Extracts from Several Curious Letters Written to the Editor on the Subject
Second Report from the Committee of Secrecy Appointed to Enquire Into the Causes of the War in the Carnatic and of the Condition of the British Possessions in Those Parts
Catalogus Librorum Bibliotheci Honorabilis Societatis Medii Templi Londini Ordine Dictionarii Dispositus
Elliss Husbandry Abridged and Methodized Comprehending the Most Useful Articles of Practical Agriculture in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Transactions of the Dublin Society Vol I of 6 Volume 6
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery Begining in 1789 and Ending in 1792 by Francis Vesey Jun
Philosophical Transactions Giving Some Accompt of the Present Undertakings Studies and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Considerable Parts of the World of 91 Volume 23
Observations Upon the Poems of Thomas Rowley In Which the Authenticity of Those Poems Is Ascertained by Jacob Bryant Esq
Preachers and Preaching
The Outcast Emperor
The Metropolitan Magazine Vol 1 January to June 1836
Hoppe-Seylers Zeitschrift Fir Physiologische Chemie 1900 1901 Vol 31
Almanach de Gotha Vol 121 Annuaire Ginialogique Diplomatique Et Statistique 1884
The Modern Bethesda Or the Gift of Healing Restored Being Some Account of the Life and Labors of Dr J R Newton Healer with Observation on the Nature and Source of the Healing Power and the Conditions of Its Exercise Notes of Valuable Auxiliary Re
Twilight Hours A Legacy of Verse
Chronicles of the Armstrongs
Doctor Syn A Smuggler Tale of the Romney Marsh
Saints and Heroes To the End of the Middle Ages
Forty Years Among the Indians A True Yet Thrilling Narrative of the Authors Experiences Among the Natives
Gospel Truth Accurately Stated and Illustrated by the Reverend Messrs James Hog Thomas Boston Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine and Others Occasioned by the Republication of the Marrow of Modern Divinity
Comparative Physiognomy Or Resemblances Between Men and Animals
Sylvander and Clarinda The Love Letters of Robert Burns and Agnes mLehose
The Analysis of Sensations and the Relation of the Physical to the Psychical
Modigliani Man and Myth
Some Economic Aspects of British Rule in India
Encyclopedia of Engineering A Treatise on Boilers Steam Engines the Locomotive Electricity Machine Shop Practice Air Brake Practice Engineers Catechism Gas Oil Traction and Automobile Motors Refrigeration Etc Etc
The Sea-Wolf
The Churches of Paris From Clovis to Charles X
Report on the Geological and Agricultural Survey of the State of Rhode-Island Made Under a Resolve of Legislature in the Year 1839
Life Letters and Addresses of Dr L L Pinkerton
The Awakening The Resurrection
The Freedmans Bureau Vol 3 A Chapter in the History of Reconstruction
Condition of the Border at the Union Destruction of the Graham Clan
A Tour Through Indiana in 1840 The Diary of John Parsons of Petersburg Virginia
Journal of a Lady of Quality Being the Narrative of a Journey from Scotland to the West Indies North Carolina and Portugal in the Years 1774 to 1776
Lectures on Education
Guide for Drawing the Acanthus And Every Description of Ornamental Foliage
A History of Dentistry from the Most Ancient Times Until the End of the Eighteenth Century
Esek Hopkins Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Navy During the American Revolution 1775 to 1778 Master Mariner Politician Brigadier General Naval Officer and Philanthropist
Progress and Poverty Vol 1 An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth The Remedy
Col John Wise of England and Virginia (1617-1695) His Ancestors and Descendants
History of the English Settlement in Edwards County Illinois Founded in 1817 and 1818 by Morris Birkbeck and George Flower
A History of Slavery in Cuba 1511 to 1868
The Riddles of the Exeter Book
Madeleine Firat A Realistic Novel
Guynemer the Ace of Aces
The Engineer Corps of Hell or Romes Sappers and Miners Containing the Tactics of the militia of the Pope or the Secret Manual of the Jesuits and Other Matter Intensely Interesting Especially to the Freemason and Lovers of Civil and Religious Liber
Fifty Years a Detective
Mimoires dUn Timoin de la Rivolution Ou Journal Des Faits Qui Se Sont Passis Sous Ses Yeux Et Qui Ont Pripari Et Fixi La Constitution Franiaise Vol 3 Ouvrage Posthume
The Wolves of God And Other Fey Stories
Godeys Ladys Book and Ladies American Magazine Vol 23 From July to December 1841
S D Butchers Pioneer History of Custer County And Short Sketches of Early Days in Nebraska
Advance and Retreat Personal Experiences in the United States and Confederate States Armies
The Great Harmonia Vol 3 A Revelation of Seven Mental States and of the Laws and Effects of Mans Relations to the Spiritual Universe
A History of Architecture for the Student Craftsman and Amateur Being a Comparative View of the Historical Styles from the Earliest Period
Horton Genealogy or Chronicles of the Descendants of Barnabas Horton of Southold L I 1640
System Der Politischen ikonomie Vol 1 Allgemeine Volkswirtschaftslehre
Principles of Geometry Vol 6
Lectures on Preaching Delivered Before the Divinity School of Yale College in January and February 1877
Neo-Naturopathy New Science of Healing or the Doctrine of the Unity of Diseases
The Soldier-Bishop Ellison Capers
The Novels of Matteo Bandello Vol 4 Bishop of Agen Now First Done Into English Prose and Verse
The Career of a Nihilist A Novel
Tales of the R I C
The Ainu of Japan The Religion Superstitions and General History of the Hairy Aborigines of Japan
Love and Marriage
The Method of Fluxions and Infinite Series With Its Application to the Geometry of Curve-Lines
Iranians Greeks in South Russia
The Nance Memorial A History of the Nance Family in General But More Particularly of Clement Nance of and County Virginia
The Gun-Runner A Novel
The Journal of a Disappointed Man
Light and Truth
Essays Literary Moral and Philosophical
Martin Buber The Life of Dialogue
A Grammar of the Cree Language With Which Is Combined an Analysis of the Chippeway Dialect
Lectures on Clinical Psychiatry
Ciceros Three Books of Offices Or Moral Duties Also His Cato Major an Essay on Old Age Lilius an Essay on Friendship Paradoxes Scipios Dream And Letter to Quintus on the Duties of a Magistrate
The Story of the Great March From the Diary of a Staff Officer
Rise of the New West 1819-1829
The Souls Conflict and Victory Over Itself by Faith
A General History of Music from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period to Which Is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Music of the Ancients by Charles Burney MusD FRS of 4 Volume 2
A General History of Music from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period to Which Is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Music of the Ancients by Charles Burney MusD FRS of 4 Volume 1
Goutte a goutte 2019 Leau de la montagne a la mer
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans on the Continent of North America Translated from the French of the Abbi Resnal by J Justamond MA in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
The Universal Measurer in Two Parts by A Fletcher Philomath
The History of Persecution in Four Parts by Samuel Chandler
An Historical and Critical Account of the Life of Oliver Cromwell After the Manner of Mr Bayle Drawn from Original Writers and State-Papers to Which Is Added an Appendix of Original Papers by William Harris the Second Edition
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies Translated from the French of the Abbi Resnal by J Justamond MA in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 3
The Comedies Tragedies and Operas Written by John Dryden Esq Now First Collected Together and Corrected from the Originals in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Maldives - Island world in the Indian Ocean 2019 Island world in the Indian Ocean
A Catechetical Course of Sermons for the Whole Year Being an Explanation of the Church-Catechism in Fifty Two Distinct Discourses in Two Volumes by Peter Newcome the Second Edition Reviewed of 2 Volume 2
The Pattern Future Finding the Worlds Great Secrets and Predicting the Future Using Pattern Discovery
The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero in Two Volumes by Conyers Middleton the Sixth Edition with Additions of 2 Volume 1
Study of the Relationship Between Employees Commitment Job Satisfaction Job Safety Job Autonomy and Employees Turnover Intention in a Construction Industry
A General History of the Christian Church to the Fall of the Western Empire by Joseph Priestley of 2 Volume 2
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn LL D Chancellor of the Diocese of Carlisle and One of His Majestys Justices of the Peace for the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland Vol III the Fourteenth Edition of 4 Volume 3
The Lives and Characters of the Most Illustrious Persons British and Foreign Who Died in the Year 1711 Viz the Duke of Rutland
Erotic Silhouettes UK-Version 2019 The Play with Light and Shadow
Urban Cats 2019 Black and white photography
Orchidees du Perigord 2019 Belles et fragiles fleurs sauvages
Ostfriesland - Land on the coast UK-Version 2019 The photographer Rolf Potsch shows here in stunning photographs showing the uniqueness of the north-eastern coastal region of Germany
Les petites betes 2019 Les jolies petites betes de nos jardins
Perles deau 2019 Des jolies gouttes deau telles des perles
Delta du Rhone - Comme un oiseau 2019 Photo aerienne Camargue
A Help to English History Containing a Succession of All the Kings of England the English Saxons and the Britons by Peter Heylyn a New Edition with Great Additions Also Lists by Paul Wright
Fascination Papillons 2019 Le monde fascinant des papillons
The Works of Virgil Translated Into English Prose with the Latin Text and Order of Construction in the Opposite Page And a Very Great Number of Notes Intirely New in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Letters from and to Sir Dudley Carleton Knt During His Embassy in Holland from January 1615 16 to December 1620 the Second Edition with Large Additions to the Historical Preface
Tables of Interest at 3 4 4 1 2 and 5 Per Cent Also Exchange or Commission from 1 8 to 3 Per Cent by John Morison Edinburgh
Dictionarium Polygraphicum Or the Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested of 2 Volume 1
Forms of Writings Used in Scotland in the Most Common Cases With the Principles of the Law Connected Therewith and a Table of Stamp Duties by Anthony Macmillan the Third Edition with Additions
Couleurs dErable 2019 Les formes graciles et les couleurs chatoyantes des erables
Sermons on Various Divine Subjects I Salvation by Grace XX the Sin and Mischief of Bad Company by John Farmer MA the Third Edition
Sketches of the History of Man Considerably Improved in a Third Edition in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Art of English Poetry Containing I Rules for Making Verses II a Collection of the Most Natural Agreeable and Sublime Thouhgts [sic] III a Dictionary of Rhymes by Edw Bysshe Gent the Third Edition with Large Improvements
Emotional Moments Majorca is holiday UK-Version 2019 Ingo Gerlach has selected beautiful photos by the island of Majorca for this calendar
Lieux de quietude 2019 Des lieux sereins pour se ressourcer
Old Times at Sea UK Version 2019 On a sailing ship from the good old days
Legal Provisions for the Poor Or a Treatise of the Common and Statute Laws Concerning the Poor Either as to Relief Settlement or Punishment Being a Methodical Guide for Justices of Peace Church-Wardens and Overseers by S C
The Whole Comical Works of Mon Scarron Translated by Mr Tho Brown Mr Savage and Others the Third Edition Revised and Corrected
The History of the Province of Massachusets-Bay from the Charter of King William and Queen Mary in 1691 Until the Year 1750 by Mr Hutchinson Lieutenant-Governor of the Province
An Abridgment of the First Part of LD Cokes Institutes With Great Additions by William Hawkins the Seventh Edition to Which Is Now Added a Large Index
A New Astronomical Dictionary Or a Compleat View of the Heavens Containing the Antient and Modern Astronomy Illustrated with a Great Number of Figures Comprising All the Constellations by John Hill
A View of the Constitution of the British Colonies in North-America and the West Indies at the Time the Civil War Broke Out on the Continent of America by Anthony Stokes
The Life of Samuel Johnson LLD by Sir John Hawkins Knt the Second Edition Revised and Corrected
The Art of English Poetry Containing I Rules for Making Verses III a Dictionary of Rhymes by Edw Bysshe Gent the Fourth Edition
A General History of the World from the Creation to the Present Time by William Guthrie Esq John Gray Esq And Others Eminent in This Branch of Literature of 12 Volume 4
The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations by Humphrey Prideaux Part I the Fourth Edition
A Treatise of Testaments and Last Wills by Henry Swinburne the Sixth Edition Corrected and Very Much Enlarged
An Essay on the Origin of Evil by Dr William King Translated from the Latin with Large Notes to Which Are Added Two Sermons by the Same Author the Fourth Edition Corrected by Edmund Law
The History of England Abridged from Hume by the Author of the Abridgement of Mr Gibbons Roman History in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
A Compleat History of the Late War Or Annual Register of Its Rise Progress and Events in Europe Asia Africa and America Illustrated with a Variety of Heads Plans Maps and Charts
The Works of Sir William Temple Bart Complete in Four Volumes Octavo to Which Is Prefixed the Life and Character of the Author a New Edition of 4 Volume 2
The Works of the Rev Isaac Watts DD in Seven Volumes of 7 Volume 4
An Historical View of the English Government from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the Accession of the House of Stewart by John Millar the Second Edition
An Historical and Critical Account of the Life of Oliver Cromwell After the Manner of Mr Bayle Drawn from Original Writers and State Papers to Which Is Added an Appendix by William Harris
An Apology for the Believers in the Shakspeare-Papers Which Were Exhibited in Norfolk-Street
A Treatise Upon the Law of Usury and Annuities by Francis Plowden
A System of the Law of Marine Insurances with Three Chapters on Bottomry On Insurances on Lives And on Insurances Against Fire by James Allan Park the Third Edition Revised and Enlarged
An Impartial History of the Present War in America Containing an Account of Its Rise and Progress the Political Springs Thereof with Its Various Successes and Disappointments on Both Sides by the Rev James Murray
The Holy Scriptures the Only Rule of Faith and Religious Liberty Asserted and Maintained in Sundry Letters to the Kirk-Session of Montrose
Disciplining the Empire Politics Governance and the Rise of the British Navy
Monetary Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa
2G No 76 Bruther
Mathematics of Keno and Lotteries
Bette Unscripted-A Dark Psychological Drama
Questions and Answers for the MFSRH
STDS in the United States A Reference Handbook
Masks of Charos in Modern Greek Demotic Songs - Sources Representations and Context
Minimal Morality A Multilevel Social Contract Theory
Darwins Evolving Identity Adventure Ambition and the Sin of Speculation
Introduction to Construction Project Engineering
Digital Lifeline ICTs for Refugees and Displaced Persons
Open the Door to Love
Working at Others Homes - The Specifics and Challenges of Paid Domestic Work
Ukraines Decentralization Challenges and Implications of the Local Governance Reform after the Euromaidan Revolution
NKJV Faithlife Illustrated Study Bible Leathersoft Black Tan Indexed Red Letter Edition Biblical Insights You Can See
The Constitution of the Environmental Emergency
Integrative Sexual Health
Reading Harper Lee Understanding To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman
Leiningers Transcultural Nursing Concepts Theories Research Practice Fourth Edition
Mergers Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring Text and Cases
New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment Physico-Clinical Medicine the Practical Application of the Electronic Theory in the Interpretation and Treatment of Disease With an Appendix on New Scientific Facts
Moltkes Letters to His Wife and Other Relatives Vol 2 of 2
Ouida A Memoir
The Germans in Colonial Times
Tyburn Tree Its History and Annals
Lawrence B Valk Architect 229 Broadway New York City Specialty Churches
Genealogy of the McKean Family of Pennsylvania With a Biography of the Hon Thomas McKean LL D Member of the Continental Congress from Delaware Chief Justice and Governor of Pennsylvania Singer of the Declaration of Independence and President of C
The Colonising Activities of the English Puritans The Last Phase of the Elizabethan Struggle with Spain
Driven from Sea to Sea Or Just a Campin
The Last Days of Jesus Or the Appearances of Our Lord During the Forty Days Between the Resurrection and Ascension
A Fly on the Wheel Or How I Helped to Govern India
Grierson Raids and Hatchs Sixty-Four Days March With Biographical Sketches Also the Life and Adventures of Chickasaw the Scout
The New North Being Some Account of a Womans Journey Through Canada to the Arctic
The Poems of Ossian
An Inquiry Into the Constitution Discipline Unity and Worship of the Primitive Church That Flourished Within the First Three Hundred Years After Christ Faithfully Collected Out of the Fathers and Extant Writings of Those Ages
Mining Camps A Study in American Frontier Government
The Sacrifice of the Mass Worthily Celebrated
The History of Yucatan From Its Discovery to the Close of the Seventeenth Century
The Life of Jonathan Baldwin Turner
Masks and Minstrels of New Germany
Memoirs of Baron Lejeune Vol 2 of 2 Aide-De-Camp to Marshals Berthier Davout and Oudinot
Pastoral Theology A Treatise on the Office and Duties of the Christian Pastor
An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
The Origin of the English Constitution
Le Isole Pelagie Lampedusa Linosa Lampione E La Loro Flora Con Un Elenco Completo Delle Piante Di Pantelleria
Unprotected Females in Sicily Calabria and on the Top of Mount itna
Modern American and British Poetry
Charlot sAmuse Avec Une Priface
The Story of the Gravelys A Tale for Girls
Philippa of Hainault and Her Times
Traiti de Prononciation Franiaise Et Exercices de Diction
Paul Kruger and His Times
Photographing the Invisible Practical Studies in Spirit Photography Spirit Portraiture and Other Rare But Allied Phenomena
Le Nahuatl Langue Des Aztiques Conquirants Du Mexique Pricolombien Grammaire Vocabulaires Textes Avec Analyse Et Traduction Interliniaire
An Arrangement of the Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Rev Isaac Watts DD To Which Is Added a Supplement of More Than Three Hundred Hymns from the Best Authors Including All the Hymns of Dr Watts Adapted to Public Worship
Concerning Painting Considerations Theoretical and Historical
Deutsche Auswanderung Und Colonisation Herausgegeben Bevorwortet Und Mit Einigen Zusitzen Begleitet
Old Testament Stories To the Founding of the Kingdom
Clemens Alexandrinus Vol 3 Stromata Buch VII Und VIII Excerpta Ex Theodoto Eclogae Propheticae Ques Dives Salvetur Fragmente
Musiciens dAutrefois LOpira Avant lOpira l orfeo de Luigi Rossi Lully Gluck Gritry Mozart
LEurope Et lOdyssie de la Pologne Au Xixe Siicle
Obituary Prior to 1800 Vol 2 As Far as Relates to England Scotland and Ireland
Thiitre Complet Vol 2 Les Honnites Femmes Les Corbeaux La Parisienne
La Propriiti Sociale Et La Dimocratie
Travels in France by Arthur Young During the Years 1787 1788 1789 With an Introduction Biographical Sketch and Notes
Barbarous Mexico
A Captain Unafraid The Strange Adventures of Dynamite Johnny OBrien
Archiv Fir Naturgeschichte 1914 Vol 80 Abteilung B 6 Heft
Beethovens Streichquartette Versuch Einer Technischen Analyse Dieser Werke Im Zusammenhange Mit Ihrem Geistigen Gehalt
Die Syringomyelie Eine Monographie
An Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul Being the Substance of Observations Made During a Mission to That Country in the Year 1793
Rethorique Franioise Ou Les Preceptes de lAncienne Et Vraye Eloquence La
The Tragedy of King Lear And the Tempest With Introductions Notes Glossary Critical Comments and Method of Study
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Olney An Original Proprietor of Providence R I Who Came from England in 1635
A Southern Girl in 61 The War-Time Memories of a Confederate Senators Daughter
The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle Translated with an Analysis and Critical Notes
Gesenius Hebrew Grammar
Historical and Secret Memoirs of the Empress Josephine Marie Rose Tascher de la Pagerie First Wife of Napoleon Bonaparte Vol 1
Practical French Course in Fifty Lessons An Entirely New Method
The Ladies Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness Complete Hand Book for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society
The Holy Bible Vol 4 Containing the Old and New Testaments Job to the Song of Solomon
Autobiography and Letters from His Childhood Until His Appointment as H M Ambassador at Madrid Vol 2 of 2
What Every Man and Woman Should Know about the Bible
An Essay on Original Genius And Its Various Modes of Exertion in Philosophy and the Fine Arts Particularly in Poetry
A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians
Edmond Dantis The Sequel to Alexander Dumas Celebrated Novel of the Count of Monte Cristo
The Lafayette Flying Corps Vol 2
Prospectors Field-Book and Guide In the Search for and the Easy Determination of Ores and Other Useful Minerals
Kith and Kin
The History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches Vol 1 of 2
Zwei Jahre Im Sattel Und Am Feinde Erinnerungen Aus Dem Unabhingigkeitskriege Der Konfiderirten
The Book of the Farm Vol 2 of 6 Detailing the Labours of the Farmer Farm-Steward Ploughman Shepherd Hedger Farm-Labourer Field-Worker and Cattle-Man
Furniture for the Craftsman A Manual for the Student and Mechanic Covering the Design Construction and Finishing of Practically All the Articles Used in the Furnishing and Equipment of the Modern Home Porch and Grounds with Hints on Upholstering
The Witch-Cult in Western Europe A Study in Anthropology
Siberia in Asia A Visit to the Valley of the Yenesay in East Siberia With Description of the Natural History Migration of Birds Etc
The Prolongation of Life Optimistic Studies
The Magyars Vol 1 Their Country and Institutions
Forage Crops Other Than Grasses How to Cultivate Harvest and Use Them
The Political Writings of John Dickinson Esquire Vol 2 of 2 Late President of the State of Delaware and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The Rivers Mountains and Sea-Coast of Yorkshire With Essays on the Climate Scenery and Ancient Inhabitants of the County
Soeur ilisabeth de la Triniti Religieuse Carmilite 1880-1906 Souvenirs
Verkehr Des Christen Mit Gott Der Im Anschluss an Luther Dargestellt
Seven Years Campaigning in the Peninsula and the Netherlands Vol 1 of 2
Stomatology in General Practice A Textbook of Diseases of the Teeth and Mouth for Students and Practitioners
Farming for Boys
Th G V Hippels Simmtliche Werke Vol 7 Kleinere Schriften
Les Hors Nature Moeurs Contemporaines
The Holy of Holies Sermons on the Fourteenth Fifteenth and Sixteenth Chapters of the Gospel of John
Twelve Stories and a Dream
The Naturalists Library Vol 31 Entomology Foreign Butterflies
A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology or the Art of Foretelling Future Events and Contingencies by the Aspects Positions and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies Founded on Natural Philosophy Scripture Reason and the
Sources of Vijayanagar History Selected and Edited for the University
History of the 13th Infantry Regiment of Connecticut Volunteers During the Great Rebellion
The Women of Shakespeare
A History of Emigration From the United Kingdom to North America 1763 1912
The Dewees Family Geneaolgical Data Biographical Facts and Historical Information
Trial of Madeleine Smith
Tripoli First War with the United States Inner History Letter Book
Sketches Awheel in Modern Iberia
The Celt Above the Saxon Or a Comparative Sketch of the Irish and English People in War in Peace and in Character
Symbolism Vol 2 Or Exposition of the Doctrinal Differences Between Catholics and Protestants as Evidenced by Their Symbolical Writings
A History of Louisiana
History of the Fifty-Fifth Field Artillery Brigade 1917 1918 1919
The Symbolism of Churches and Church Ornaments A Translation of the First Book of the Rationale Divinorum Officiorum
The Prince and the Pauper A Tale for Young People of All Ages
AIDS to Reflection In the Formation of a Manly Character on the Several Grounds of Prudence Morality and Religion
The Life Story of a Leper Autobiography of John E Davis Missionary Among the Telugus
A German Hero of the Colonial Times of Pennsylvania Or the Life and Times of Henry Antes
Sir Stamford Raffles England in the Far East

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